And let’s say you do your best. You put in all the effort you can. But then when your book comes out, the Internet gets angry. You slowly realize that, for once, the Internet might be right. You made a cultural misstep. If this happens, take comfort in the fact that even flawed characters can inspire. Apologize if necessary, resolve do better, and move on.

Let your fear drive you to do your homework. But no matter what, don’t ever let your fear stop you.


- Gene Luen Yang’s speech at the National Book Festival 2014 (via kceyagi)

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In the mid-1930s, an Australian journalist visited Germany to report on the rise of fascism and interview Adolf Hitler. The atrocities she saw there, which included the public beating of Jews, forever changed the course of her young life. Nancy Wake, who died Sunday at age 98, would spend World War II fighting Nazism tooth and nail, saving thousands of Allied lives, winding up at the top of the Gestapo’s most-wanted list and ultimately receiving more decorations than any other servicewoman.

Wake made her way from Spain to Britain, where she convinced special agents to train her as a spy and guerilla operative. In April 1944 she parachuted into France to coordinate attacks on German troops and installations prior to the D-Day invasion, leading a band of 7,000 resistance fighters. In order to earn the esteem of the men under her command, she reportedly challenged them to drinking contests and would inevitably drink them under the table. But her fierceness alone may have won her enough respect: During the violent months preceding the liberation of Paris, Wake killed a German guard with a single karate chop to the neck, executed a women who had been spying for the Germans, shot her way out of roadblocks and biked 70 hours through perilous Nazi checkpoints to deliver radio codes for the Allies. (via)

I’m going to keep talking about this until you all buy her god damn biography. Because I don’t think you guys understand.

She was NUMBER ONE on the Gestapo’s most wanted list during the war.  There was a 5 MILLION FRANC prize on her head.

They called her the White Mouse because of her skill for escaping certain death. 

She was parachuting into a camp once and got tangled in a tree. A French soldier saw her flailing around and said, “I hope that all the trees in France bear such beautiful fruit this year.” She answered only, “Don’t give me that French shit.”

She would smuggle messages, food, and supplies in a supply truck and when she passed German posts she’d wink at the soldiers and say, “Do you want to search me?” They never did.

She found out at one point that her men had been hiding a female German spy, protecting her. The rule was to kill them, but the men didn’t have the heart. But Nancy Wake did. And she never regretted it.

When she killed a man with her bare hands, it was an SS sentry who’d spotted her and she killed him to prevent him from raising the alarm during the raid. She would later say of it, “They’d taught us this judo-chop stuff with the flat of the hand at SOE, and I practiced away at it. But this was the only time I used it - whack - and it killed him all right. I was really surprised.”

She died in 2011, 3 weeks before her 99th birthday.

If you don’t think Nancy Wake deserves a movie and a TV show and all the damn recognition in the world, you’re wrong. 

Yaaassssssss can we get a movie? This is like inglorious bastards BUT REAL AND WITH A WOMAN


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Jack is hardcore as fuck

scare me like one of your french girls

For money money, the most interesting thing about this confrontation is how completely it inverts the final scenes of a typical Disney film. In most cases, the hero is physically and/or supernaturally outmatched, and triumphs through determination and ingenuity; here, the villain spends the the whole fight running scared, while the protagonist casually no-sells everything that’s thrown at him. And there’s no ironic Disney Death keeping the protagonist’s hands clean, either. Jack just straight-up murders Oogie with malice aforethought while Oogie is running away - and by having Santa Claus himself strike the final blow, the film legitimises Jack’s killing of Oogie as the morally correct course of action.

You don’t fuck around with the motherfucking pumpkin king

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Oda made ​​sketches of the exterior design of all the characters (after time script)

Robin would look like this.)

I love her with the short hair.

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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for je-suis-manatee ! that lizard is much too small to be the real godzilla. maybe its his stunt double ???

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what a beautiful person

And to the introverted theatre kids, public speakers with social anxiety, and florists with allergies. 

Somewhere in the distance, Beethoven’s ghost is applauding.

my love for this post reaches no limits

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                 S  A  C  R  I  F  I  C  E 

I wanted to reblog this with additional commentary today, because this graphic gets at the root of why One Piece has moved me to tears so many times. The losses we witness and experience in One Piece are so often ones of sacrifice—ones of meaning. There is no meaningless death in One Piece (aside from unnamed background characters). Every scene here is one where people gave up something for people they care about—sacrificing their limbs, their freedom, their beliefs, and their lives. And that always reaches me on a deep emotional level—the love that these people have for those close to them. I’m not crying to mourn the deaths of any of these characters. It’s the love they convey so powerfully in their sacrifices that moves me to tears. To use Ace’s death as an example, what were his final words? “Thank you for loving me.” Ace struggled his whole life to find meaning in his existence and ultimately he did find it—in the love his family and friends gave to him, and the love he felt for them. That love gave him solace and purpose and happiness. I’m crying a little as I write this, and once again let me say that I’m not crying because he’s gone. I’m crying because it moves me to know just how much love Ace felt as he faded in his brother’s arms. The love Shanks had for Luffy to sacrifice his arm for his life, the love Bellemere had for Nami and Nojiko to give her life for theirs, the love Bon-chan had for his friends to sacrifice himself twice for them, the love Merry had for the crew whose care brought her to life, the love Garp had for Luffy and Ace to sacrifice his beliefs as a Marine so they had a chance to live, the love Ace had for Luffy, and the love Whitebeard had for all his children. These are the things that mean so much to me. It’s the communication of earnest love that drives these people to sacrifice anything that has made One Piece one of the most emotional series I have ever read.

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Something I’ve been noticing with fanart of Janice is that she’s always in a hospital wheelchair and, quite frankly, I really think that’s not okay. I wanted to share an article that I read once that opened my eyes to how poorly people in wheelchairs are represented in art, and why it’s important to portray them accurately. The article is:

A Lesson in Illustrating Wheelchairs from Someone Who Uses One

In it, the author details why it’s problematic to automatically default to a hospital wheelchair for a person with disabilities rather than put in the time and effort to learn to draw a wheelchair that they would use to get around in their everyday life. There are also examples given of what wheelchairs should look like.

I think it’s important to portray it accurately in art because I don’t believe you’re truly representing a person with disabilities if you’re not drawing their equipment properly.

This fandom is so interested in representation and the reaction to Janice being a person with disabilities was so positive that I really think we should give her the kind of complete and accurate representation that her character deserves.

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One Piece 30 Days Challenge

Day One ✖️ Favourite Mugiwara Pirate

Roronoa Zoro

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